All in it together?

Remember the Tory Mantra “We’re all in it together” as they slashed benefits and held wages down?

Government figures confirm that wages for ordinary workers keep falling, but . . .

According to the High Pay Centre:
FTSE 100 bosses are now paid an average 130 times as much as their employees.

Britain’s executives haven’t got so much better over the past two decades. The only reason why their pay has increased so rapidly compared to their employees is that they are able to get away with it.

Average pay for a FTSE 100 CEO rose to £5.480 million in 2015, an increase from £4.964 million in 2014.

Even some Tories noticed – “There is an irrational, unhealthy and growing gap between what these companies pay their workers and what they pay their bosses” – Theresa May, July 11th 2016

Unfortunately, the prospects of anything being done under a Conservative government are minuscule. Only a Labour government will look after the many rather than the few,

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