BBC Bias?

Tory apologists hate any attempt at presenting balanced news reports.  They want all news to be distorted to support the Tories and attack Labour.  Because the BBC has a remit to offer a more balanced view, Tory apologists continually complain of its ‘left-leaning bias’.

The real truth is that, if there is a bias it is in favour of the Tories.

The head of the BBC’s Westminster political programmes team, Robbie Gibb, is now Prime Minister Theresa May’s director of communications. He was an adviser to Michael Portillo before joining the BBC.  Hardly left-leaning!

Nick Robinson is one of the presenters of BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme.  Before that, from 1996, he was a BBC political correspondent and, from 1999, the BBC’s chief political correspondent (with a short gap working for ITV).

He was a founder-member of Macclesfield Young Conservatives and became Cheshire Young Conservative Chairman in 1982.  Nick Robinson was elected National Chairman of the Young Conservatives in 1987.

At university he was President of the Oxford University Conservative Association.

Do you see a pattern here? Senior political staff tend to be trusted members of the Tory Party but, because the BBC doesn’t blatantly misrepresent the news to unconditionally support the Tories and attack Labour, the Tories mount a vicious campaign of lies calling the BBC biased in  favour of Labour.

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