Jobs at risk thanks to government

A a time when it is reported that more and more companies are repatriating jobs previously outsourced to India, 73% government owned RBS is shedding 443 British jobs and sending the work to India.

“We’re all in it together” cry the Tory fat cats as, once again, they and their cronies find new ways to shaft hard-working ordinary British people.

If you want a job (a real job, not pretend self-employment or a zero hours contract) your only hope for the future is a Labour government.

You can start to make a difference now.  If you are not already a member of a union, join one. whatever you work at, there will be a union to help you.

This government and their ConDem predecessor has made it easier for businesses to fire people and export their jobs while making it almost impossible to obtain redress for unfair dismissal.

Instead of urging them to behave, the Tories support bad employers by insisting that a person who has been unfairly dismissed should pay thousands upfront before their case can be considered. How on earth can anybody expect an out of work person to find the money? The answer is simple.  There is no way (except, perhaps, with the support of a union). That’s the whole point.

The employer – who could easily afford such a sum – has no such burden.

If you want to support your family, now and in the future, you need a Labour government.

Unless you want to a continual real-terms drop in wages (while the directors award themselves 20 – 30% pay rises), and uncertainty about whether you will even have a job work towards getting rid of the Tories.

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