Neo-Tory MPs

When Ed Milliband became leader of the Labour Party, many neo-Tory labour MPs mounted a concerted, almost non-stop, campaign to undermine him.  They created a self-fulfilling prophecy that Labour couldn’t win with him as leader.  Right up to and during the election campaign a number of these Neo-Tories were happy to give interviews – mostly to Tory-supporting publications – stating that he wouldn’t be a good Prime Minister.

With people who are supposed to be Labour MPs briefing that the leader is useless and the party unelectable is it any wonder that we failed to win the election?

Fast forward to last year.  Having praised the efforts of Jeremy Corbyn during the referendum campaign the Neo-Tories mounted a staged revolt pretending it was because of his poor performance during that campaign.  The trouble was, they were so arrogant that they had briefed the Telegraph (says a lot about their politics) that they were going to stage the revolt – before the campaign.

They were so incensed at the prospect that Labour would once again represent ordinary people that they forced a leadership battle – a year after Jeremy Corbyn’s election by the party.  Needless to say, Jeremy won with even more support.  You might have thought that this would persuade them to stop the nonsense and support the party that they pretend to represent.

No, didn’t happen.  Neo-Tories continued their campaign of vilification and attempts to undermine the party. Right up to the election Neo-Tory MPs were briefing against Jeremy Corbyn and happily fuelling the Tory press anti-labour campaign.  Gleefully they spread the lie that the election would be a disaster, that Labour would slump to a maximum of 200 seats.

They were proven wrong. Again.  Any person with even a modicum of self-respect would be prepared to eat humble pie as Labour managed its best result (in terms of share of the vote) since 2001.  Not the fanatical Neo-Tories.

Former shadow chancellor Chris Leslie blithely ignores the campaign mounted by he and his ilk to undermine the party’s chances and claims that the result should not be seen as a “famous victory” and was “not good enough”  also saying that questions should be asked about how the party can win a majority.

The answer is simple, Chris. It needs you and your fellow Neo-Tories to stop briefing against Labour to the benefit of the Conservatives and start supporting Labour.  If the Neo-Tories had had the decency to do that after your sabotage attempts last year were thwarted Labour would have been in Government now.

Unfortunately, that is the last thing that the Neo-Tories want.  They stick to the pretence that Tony Blair won three elections. No, he didn’t. The Conservative Party lost three elections.  The Tories were held in such contempt in 1997 that  Labour could have put up a trained monkey and still won.  As soon as they got their act together they won again.  From then on the Neo-Tory element in Labour was irrelevant.  Why would anybody vote for a Neo-Tory party when they can vote for the actual Tory Party?

The only hope for Labour is for the Neo-Tories to start to represent the people who elected them or step aside for somebody who will

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