Real Tories ready to support Neo-Tory led Labour Party

The ultra right wing ‘independent’ think tank Centre for Policy Studies recently published a very interesting piece in their on-line magazine capX.

For the real Tories, it seems, preventing a proper Labour Party victory (which they see as inevitable if May’s sad excuse for a Government should fail, leading to another election). Is the most important thing for the party.

More important than the economy.

More important than Brexit negotiations.

More important, even, than security considerations and anti-terror laws.

Everything else is secondary and expendable for the moment.”

In fact, they are so afraid of the Labour Party winning that they are prepared to call an election which they would lose provided that Labour is run by the Neo-Tories.

If Labour replaced him with someone more acceptable – Yvette Cooper, say – then if business became difficult to implement we could fight another General Election that we might lose, so that there would be a stable majority government.

There you have it.  The Neo-Tory MPs are so like their real Tory counterparts that right wing Tories would be happy to have them running the counrty – just so long as the real labour Party don’t get in and implement policies for the rest of us, rather than the few.

Thanks to Skwawkbox for giving us to this valuable information.

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