Unions blamed for Southern Rail disruption

The newly published “independent” report, predictably, lays the blame for the southern Rail disruption on the unions.

Paid £1500 / day by the company!

Of course he would blame the unions! After all, the other main party to the dispute, Govia Thameslink (which owns Southern Rail), was paying him £1,500 / day!

The government said the independent report clearly blamed union action and sick leave for disruption.

The DFT had said the paper could not be published before the election but has now made it public.

It was written by Chris Gibb, a non-executive director at Network Rail.

BBC Website 22nd June 2017

The man called in to improve embattled Southern Railway’s performance record is apparently being paid a hefty £1,500 per day – equivalent of three times the salary of the Transport Secretary.

Chris Gibb will reportedly receive the equivalent wage of a £390,000-a-year salary in his short-term role fixing the struggling firm that has cancelled thousands of trains in months.

According to The Times, Mr Gibb’s bill will be picked up by Govia Thameslink Railway, the transport giant that owns Southern Rail.

Mr Gibb, a non-executive director of Network Rail, picks up his role as part of a three-month long project costing £125,000 which is set to deliver an “action plan” to resolve the on-going dispute over the downgrading of conductors and improve services

The company has been locked in a battle with the Rail, Maritime and Transport union over the proposed changes, leading to a series of strikes.

Evening Standard Friday 2 September 2016

There you have it.  A report characterised as independent by the government compiled by a man being paid £1,500 per day by the party many see as the real culprit.

As the Government keep pretending “We’re all in it together”

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