Where Jeremy Corbyn leads even Tories follow!

Jeremy Corbyn made it clear during the election campaign.

He raised it in the commons after the election

The cap on public sector pay was a disgrace from day one and should be scrapped. 

Now, even some senior Tories are following his lead. First, Michael Gove.  Then Buffoon Johnson.  Who will be next?

Labour frontbench pressure on public sector pay and social services has even led to backbench Tories cutting their ties with austerity and demanding action from the Government.”


The Tories know that a real Labour Party under a real leader like Jeremy Corbyn can beat them.  They also know that a Neo-Tory Labour Party, as we had for years, will never dislodge them.

Some of our Neo-Tory MPs are still trying to undermine and sabotage the party because they want it to stay Tory Light.  It’s time to cry “Enough!”

Labour MPs do not have to support every policy of the party – but they do have to support the Labour Party, not the Tories.

It is time to say that Neo-Tory MPs that brief against the party and its leader in the right wing press should desist – or be barred from pretending to be Labour at the next election.

The figures are clear. Under Jeremy Corbyn Labour can win.  Labour might well have won the last election if the Neo-Tories hadn’t gleefully taken every opportunity to undermine our chances by briefing against Jeremy Corbyn.

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